Suggested Case brief

              This is the general format that I follow in writing my briefs. I usually handwrite them, but in the event that I am short on time, I type my notes into my template.

Case Name –Year (Case Nickname to help you remember the case more easily ) Class Notes
-Relevant information that influenced the course of events
P’s arg/D’s Couterarg
D’s arg/P’s Counterarg

Procedural Posture:
What happened at the trial and appellate court levels

What is the legal question or issue of law that will be decided?

What is the majority’s answer to the question above?
-Which and how many justices are a part of the majority opinion?

-What is the opinion of the majority?
-What are the principles, rules and other sources (social policy, restatements, UCC) used to decide this case)?

Concurring Opinion:
Which Justice(s) agreed and why did their analysis differ from the majority?

Which  Justice(s) dissented and what was their reasoning/approach to the legal issue?

Questions to ask in class