Preparing before for Law School

            Are you interested in becoming a law student in the United States? Here are some tips that I used to prepare for the daunting task of applying to be a law student. While stressful, this is the time to enjoy your life before you completely dedicate it to reading for class.

Freshman/Sophomore Year
• Meet with your pre-law advisor to develop an academic plan (You do not have to be a political science major to attend law school)
•Join your campus pre-law organization
•Look into joining Moot Court and/or Mock Trial Teams!
• Establish relationships with your professors (You will need recommendation letters)
• Find a legal related internship to gain experience in the field and to begin shaping your resume

Junior Year
  Fall Semester
•Meet with your pre-law advisor to ensure that you are on the right track
• Register for an LSAC account
o Apply for an LSAC fee waiver. If approved you may receive application fee
waivers, a free LSAT test, and other freebies
• Register to attend the LSAC forum in order to become familiar with the admission
process and requirements
• Research LSAT prep courses
o I enjoyed the Blueprint test prep course. You can receive a half-tuition reduction
by applying for a fee waiver ( This
company offers in-class and online courses

Spring Semester
• Start preparing for the LSAT
• Request 2-3 letters of recommendations
• Take the LSAT
• Start working on your personal statement (Have your writing lab review)
• Have your Career Resource center review your resume

Senior Year
• Create an organizational sheet regarding school deadlines including application dates
• Make sure that you CAS file on LSAC is complete

Fall Semester
• Begin applying to law school
• If needed, retake the LSAT in October
• Once you have submitted your applications contact the schools to make sure that your
file is complete

Spring Semester
• Submit your FASFA
• Apply for scholarships
• Evaluate your acceptances and accept an offer to attend law school!

Summer before Law School
• Enjoy your last summer of freedom. Travel, work and just relax.
• Look into the one-week Law Preview course. Big firms will usually fund certain applicants. I participated in this course thanks to King & Spalding, and it was an awesome and informative experience. I also managed to begin forming relationships with other students who participated in the course.