8 Study Tips for Law Students

  Ask a law student what she is doing at any point of the day, and the response you will most likely hear is “studying.” Posted below are some of my suggested study times to help my fellow law students endure this activity that permeates most of our lives. Check out more of my study tips here!

  1. Find 2 or 3 study spots. It is imperative that you have a go-to place that allows you to work at your maximum potential. The reason that I suggest more than 1 study spot is because one may be taken if say it is in the library
  2. Outline daily. Read and prepare your notes before class. Immediately after class, review your notes and fill in the information covered in the class session. Personally, I type my reading notes, handwrite my notes in class and then type the handwritten notes into my reading notes. Yes, it may sound tedious, but it forces me to review the material. It also forms a rough draft of an outline that I can condense during reading week
  3. With that being said, create a table of contents and pare down your outline during reading week. It is near impossible to memorize 80 pages worth of material, but if you can pare everything down to a few pages, then the exam will be more manageable
  4. Sleep! If you are limiting yourself to less than 7 hours per night, then you are disrupting your ability to perform at your maximum potential during the day
  5. Stay hydrated, eat well and exercise! Okay, this recommendation can be applied to all aspects of your life, but it is perhaps, most important, as a law student because we are operating under extreme amounts of stress. Keep your engine (body) in good shape, and incorporate gym time into your study schedule.
  6. Create a study schedule and stick with it! Be sure to give yourself 15-30 breaks, so that your mind and your body can recuperate. It is unproductive to study for 8 hours straight
  7.  Stay organized. If you want to be successful in law school and as an attorney, then you will have to develop an organizational system
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