2L Year

So you made it through 1L year. Congratulations! That is a major feat. Check out some of my tips to help you through 2L year. 😉


  1. Take the MPRE. This is a “The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) is a two-hour, 60-question multiple-choice examination developed by NCBE that is administered three times per year. It is required for admission to the bars of all but three U.S. jurisdictions (Maryland, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico).”
  2. Take advantage of clinics.
    If your law school offers a clinical experience in a field of your interest, then you should sign up for the opportunity. It is an invaluable experience to begin to acquaint yourself with your field.
  3. Begin thinking about your post-graduation plans
    Let’s face it, most people choose to go to law school to secure a legal or legal-related career. This is the beginning-and end-goal, so all of your efforts in law school should be aimed toward achieving that goal.
  4. Make sure that you are on track to graduate
    Review your school’s graduation requirements and meet with your adviser to ensure that you are on track!
  5. Get you GPA Up
    If you did not do as well as you would have liked your first year, then your second year is a great time to improve
  6. Write a paper with an intent to publish it
    Every law school has a writing requirement, so make your paper publish-ready, so that you can add this accomplishment to your resume
  7. Make a deposit on a Bar Course
    Lock in the rate now because when you enter your 3L year that rate will have increased. Go Barbri!
  8. Last but certainly not least, make a schedule and stick to it
    If you have not already developed organizational skills, then you should acquire some before you begin practicing. Make a schedule and stick to it. Get enough sleep as well!