Can a Vegan diet promote acne? My 7-month check-up

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It has officially been seven months since I have adopted a plant-based diet! Yay!

One issue that I have discussed recently with some of my plant-based friends is acne. The Vegan diet is great for helping this issue, but it could also promote acne growth.

According to Shape magazine, a health source, “When people have a high level of B12 in their body, the bacteria can sense it and it stops producing as much B12, but once P. acnes shuts down the B12 biosynthesis pathway, the bacteria starts producing more porphyrins, naturally-occurring compounds that can lead to inflammation and acne. Put simply, if there is excessive vitamin B12, the bacteria stop producing their own vitamins, and this causes inflammation,” explains Jessica Wu, M.D., Los Angeles dermatologist

With that being said, Vegans are encouraged to take Vitamin B12, which helps stimulate the “normal functioning of the brain and nervous system via the synthesis of myelin, and the formation of red blood cells.” Vegans must supplement their diet with this vitamin because our fruits, vegetables and grains are sanitized, thereby removing the dirt particles that contain this substance. With that being said, if your weekly or daily dosage is too high, then it could lead to acne and hormonal imbalances.  A lack of sleep can also affect your system as well. While, I am not a physician, anecdotally, taking lower dosages of B12 has improved acne issues tremendously for myself and other. As a best practice in the event that your problem persists or if you are concerned about your hormonal health however, then you should consult your doctor. For more information about B12 supplementation, click here.

If you have any questions about a plant-based lifestyle, then post in the comment section below!Image result for february

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