6 Months Vegan


I am officially celebrating 6 months on a plant-based diet! That’s right, I have survived the last 6 months and the holiday season on only only fruits, vegetables and grains. I feel incredible–so much so, that I have still been urging others to convert to this lifestyle. I have proved to be successful in some cases, but I have encountered my fair share of resistant people as well. Even if the latter group of people have chosen to scale back on their meat consumption, then I still consider that a success as it is helping our environment overall.

Image result for classy balloons

At this point, I plan to stick with this lifestyle as long as I can eat (lol). I won’t inundate you all with the changes again. If this is your first time tuning in to my website, and you are interested, then see here, here, here and here. 😉

Have you converted yet? Do you have any questions about this lifestyle? Write in the comments below!

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