ILSA-Show your support for the Jessup Moot Court competition



The International Law Students Association is starting up our November #GivingTuesday Campaign, which you might have heard of from us or from other organizations in the past. Our goal is to raise money to support the Jessup Competition so that we can reach more teams in more countries. This will kick off our fundraising for the 2018 Jessup season. All of the money raised will go to provide assistance to teams and grow the Jessup.

More info is available on our Donate page:

We would really appreciate if you could take the time to help us with part of this campaign. To spread the work about Jessup and draw attention to our giving campaign, we are asking Jessup supporters to post “Unselfies”. You will find a #UNselfie poster (one you can print and one you can post on social media), an “Unselfie” graphic, a #StepUp4Jessup graphic, and two #GivingTuesday transparent logos posted below.

Here is what we would like for you to do:

  1. Print the #UNselfie poster (directly below) to take a selfie (Or you can show the “I support Jessup” graphic on your phone and have someone else take a picture of you). Make sure that you have good lighting and that the poster is clearly visible.
  2. Write a small blurb about why you support the Jessup or why you donated to the Jessup as a caption to use on social media. Ex: “I donated to the Jessup because it changes lives,” or “I love the Jessup because it brings together students from all over the wold and teaches them about international law.”
  3. Post on your social media accounts (either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) using #StepUp4Jessup and #UNselfie in your caption.







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