Vegetarian Life and an Aspiring Vegan: 3-month check-in

3 mo vegan

I have officially been a vegan for a little over 3 months! Obviously, since I am celebrating, that means it is going well 😉 One of the things that I still need to work on though is remembering to ask to have cheese removed from my orders when I go out to eat. In the last 3 months, I have discovered that meatless dishes  automatically means that there will be cheese (*sigh*). Dairy is pervasive in our society, and it’s tentacles have crept into every major industry including cosmetics, hygiene products including soaps and lip sticks, insulin, jet fuel and of course, food. So it has been a continuous learning process in trying to avoid products that use any part of an animal in it.

Another aspect of the vegan diet that I am struggling with is that I am unintentionally losing weight. For a majority of people, I would assume that this would be considered a perquisite, however, I am in the minority. I was pretty comfortable with the weight range that I was in, and I do not want to have to invest in new pants. Right now, I think I am okay though because I haven’t reached the baggy point, most of them are just not as snug anymore. When I first realized that I had begun dropping lbs,  I was a bit baffled. My portion sizes had remained the same, and I ate just as much as I did before I converted, if not more. After conducting some research, I unearthed a Harvard study, that found that Vegans tended to lose weight because they have a lot more fiber in their diets, and they have removed saturated fat from cheese and meat, and were eating more fiber-rich plants instead. I guess if I going to lose weight, I am happy that it includes weight gained from my former unhealthy diet.

On another note, my initial fears about lack of food options has subsided. Over the last 3 months, I have tried a wide range of new recipes, thanks in part to some innovative Youtubers, creative islanders, supportive classmates, and my fellow vegan bloggers. I listed a few below that I plan on trying in the next few weeks





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