Vegetarian Life and an Aspiring Vegan: 1 month check-up

Alright guys, I have officially been a vegetarian and an aspiring vegan for about a month, so I thought I’d check-in with a general update from last time! Today, also marks the 1-year anniversary of ! Yay!


Since my decision to completely change my diet, I have not had any urges to eat meat. I was even able to sit right next to a table of hamburgers and buffalo-flavored chicken wings without any temptation to consume them. Now, there have been times when I have experienced severe mouth watering (lol), mostly when someone mentions barbequed meat and Caribbean-styled dishes, but for the most part I have it under control.

As I have learned more and more about the  harmful effects of processed meat and meat in-general, it has made this process easier. Honestly, I think this is why a number of vegetarians and vegans develop a repulsion of meat. If you can mentally train yourself to find meat (or anything for that matter) disgusting, then you are more likely to stay away from it.  In any event, I have decided to stick with an alternative motivator where I consistently focus on the benefits that I have experienced from eliminating meat from my diet. Overall, I am extra-alert, extra-energized, extra-fit and most importantly, happy. So happy in fact, that I have been sharing tips with anyone who is interested.

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Here are a list of changes that vegetarians and vegans (in addition to my own) that I have scoured the internet to find:

  1. You are helping the planet along with animals and other people on it
  2. More energy
  3. Vegans can be happier and less stressed
  4. Skin clears up/glows
  5. Healthy way to lose or gain weight
  6. Lower risk of heart disease
  7. Stronger hair and nails
  8. You discover new foods and recipes
  9. You smell better
  10. For women who experience this struggle- reduces cellulite
  11. You body is repairing itself meaning that your cholesterol and sugar levels, among other things are entering normal ranges
  12. Less medications
  13. Lower your cancer risk
  14. Better on your wallet- as long as you stay away from processed and junk food
  15. Reverse Diabetes
  16. No “Food Babies”- You know that stomach you get after you eat a meaty meal
  17. You are regular in your bowel movements

Other benefits here

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If you don’t think you can completely eliminate meat from your diet, then I would suggest that you do the following:

  1. Watch “What the Health“-This was enough to make me quit meat cold-turkey
  2. Try not to eat meat with every meal or every dinner. Meat (and dairy) is a manufactured food group, and it is not necessary for one to survive. Furthermore, most animals absorb protein through the plants that it eats or through meat that eats plants, so you can bypass eating  decaying carcasses by eating vegetables, beans and lentils. With that being said,  there are also suitable alternatives to meat texture-wise including jack fruit, which happens to also provide health benefits. This is something that I have suggested to my family members, and they have seen a remarkable difference in the way they feel as well. Sharing the love anyone?
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