2017-2018 (International) Student President of the International Law Students



ILSA Student Officers

Georgia Law 3L Chanel Chauvet begins term as Student President of International Law Students Association

Partial Transcript:

Today is a very humbling day for me. It is the beginning of a year-long challenge in which I will have the great privilege and honor to serve as your (International) Student President of the International Law Students Association. I want to offer my deepest gratitude for the confidence that the International Law Student Association chapters all around the world have placed in me and members of my administration.

In my experience, I have learned that the strongest solutions to current challenges come from spaces of exchange where ILSA members are afforded opportunities to enhance our international legal education by learning about other legal systems and cultures. This is something that is so important at this time. Fortunately, ILSA provides a common entity in which we will work to meet the unique needs of each chapter by capitalizing on our resources for the benefit of our members and organization. I am looking forward to meeting you all at our events throughout this next year, chief among these being the International Law Weekend in New York, and the International Jessup Moot Court Competition in Washington D.C.



Student President: The president serves as the chief student officer of ILSA. The president works with the Executive Office to recruit ILSA chapters and promote ILSA programming. The president also leads the Fall and Spring Congresses (International Law Weekend and the international rounds of the Jessup Moot Court competition), the two annual meetings of ILSA chapters. The president attends the Congresses and other international law events throughout the academic year.

Jessup Competition Schedule:

Jessup Comepetition Schedule

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