Minimalist Traveling: 10 things you should carry on an airplane

  1. Healthy Snack-Airplane food is usually high in sodium and sugar, so bring your own snack
    Image result for to go snacks
  2. Face Wipes-You never know what germs are flying around
    Image result for face wipes
  3. Head Phones-Some airlines do not provide headphones for guests
    Image result for ear phones
  4. Hand Sanitizer-For that “good, clean feeling”
    Image result for hand sanitizer
  5. Water Bottle-An air cabin is a very dry space, so it is important to stay hydrated. Just make sure you empty it before the security check. 
    Image result for water bottle
  6. Tooth brush and tooth paste-For really long flights where you can catch some zzzzzs
    Image result for toothbrush and toothpaste
  7. Glasses and Contacts-Wear your glasses on the flight, and then change into your contacts after the flight
    Image result for glasses and contacts
  8. Pen- You never know what you’ll have to sign in an airport, and I promise that you do not want to touch the same pen that hundreds of other people have used in that same day
    Image result for pen
  9. Lap Top-Entertainment, work, etc. The possibilities are endless in the virtual world
    Image result for surface 4
  10.  Jacket-High altitudes=shivers

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