Moulin Rouge

Starting from the end of the night to earlier in the day….

The title of this post should actually be “You can always count on me for a candid review.”

Perhaps, the most famous cabaret show in the world, the Moulin Rouge definitely delivers in the entertainment department.  Personally, I could have lived without the nudity in the Image result for moulin rouge parisshow, but the French have a different perspective on the naked human body. In fact, one cannot avoid seeing nudity in France. It is in the architecture, the entertainment, and even the shrubbery… in Versaille at least. I do not think nudity was the issue for  me, it was moreso that most of the costumes would have looked better if the women were covered. The men were also dressed in turtleneck costumes for all of the show, which sort of irked me–not because I wanted to see any of them nude, but because of the contrast between the sexes. I would have appreciated equal nudity (lol).

With that being said, I was most intrigued with the glamorous atmosphere of Moulin Rouge than the actual show. Yes, it was entertaining, but also cheesy at times especially the clown-esque segment. I did however, appreciate the fact that the singing was live, and on point. Regarding my experience with the staff, aside from being asked why I was by myself several times, the service was great! The waiter even gave me a refill of champagne lol Overall, for a show where I could literally understood nothing (there were people there from all over the world so I doubt that I was the only one), I would rate it a solid 6/10.

Check out the entrance, and my initial reaction, and eccentric double-dutchers  in the video posted below!

Travel Tip: If you’re under 26, one of the Friday shows are free!


Here’s a sample of the show from an official clip because I was not allowed to film inside the venue:

Image result for moulin rouge paris

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