17 Places in Paris that you should see…

  1. Paris-Plage

Image result for paris plage

It’s a man-made beach on the Seine River. What more can you say?

2. Sacre Couer 


This is a must-see church! You have the option of climbing the steps or taking the Monmarte Funicular, which will carry you up the hill.

3Jardin du Luxembourg

Image result for jardin de luxembourg

This is by far one of the most beautiful sights in Paris. Enjoy a picnic or take a stroll!

4. Catacombs of Paris

Image result for catacombs of paris

Want to browse some skulls and bones, then this is the place for you!

5. Père Lachaise Cemetery

Image result for Père Lachaise Cemetery

I randomly stumbled upon this cemetery when I got lost. It is as spooky and wonderful as one would imagine a Parisian cemetery to be.

6. Centre Georges Pompidou

Image result for Centre Georges Pompidou

It’s a library…a really cool library.

7. Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe

Image result for Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe

*Cue the Champs-Elysee song* This is literally a really long street with parks and shops lining each side. In one direction you will see the Arc de Triomphe. If you make a 180, then you will see some monuments, a park, and with perfect eyesight, The Louvre.

8. Seine River dinner cruise

Image result for Seine River dinner cruise

I went by myself, and I thought it was very fun and sort of glamorous. The sights are amazing.

9. Crazy Horse or Moulin Rouge and Cafe des 2 Moulin

Image result for crazy horse and moulin rougeImage result for cafe des 2 moulin

A night show and a drink to cap a Parisian night on the town.

10. Laduree

Image result for laduree parisImage result for laduree paris

Apparently, Laduree has the best macaroons in France.

11. The Louvre


One of the biggest museums in the world. It may take a few months to complete all of the exhibits.

12. Latin Quarter, Paris

Image result for Latin Quarter, Paris

The area gets its name from the Latin language, which was once widely spoken in and around the local University since Latin was the language of learning in the Middle Ages in Europe.

13. Pont Alexandre III

Image result for Pont Alexandre III

How many romantic movies have filmed on this famous bridge?

14. Notre Dame de Paris


Image result for notre dame paris

Or otherwise known as “Our Lady of Paris.” This free attraction is definitely worth the long lines. Don’t worry though, they move quickly.

15.The Eiffel Tower (say and night) and Champ Du Mars

Image result for The Eiffel Tower (day and night) and Champ Du Mars

One of the great wonders of the world. One cannot visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower!

16.Musee D’orsay

Image result for musee d'orsay clock

Near the Lourve. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance a chance to see this museum while I was in town, but you should! It was a former railway station over a hundred years ago, but today it hosts French Art and Victoria Secret Fashion Shows.

17. Versaille (Palace and Garden) 

Image result for versaille palace and garden

OMG! One of the most beautiful and extravagant places that I have ever seen. This place is like its own separate world located on Earth. Bring your walking shoes!

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