Hostel Cooking and Parisian Grocery Store

For Budget Travelers like myself, finding a hotel/hostel that serves free meals is essential 20160725_210744to saving money. As I mentioned earlier in my  Plugg-Inn hostel post, it served a wonderful free breakfast which consisted of cereal, croissants and baguettes and orange juice. The hostel also offered a small cooking facility for guests, which saved me at least 30 euros while I was there.

On one occasion, I made spinach tortellini, calamari, and a salad. One of the main grocery chains in Paris is a market called Carrefour. It was very similar to an American grocery store except much smaller.20160725_204701 One day, I stopped by a local shop to pick-up pick up a sandwich, but the teller could not understand me. I said “sandwich” in a French accent, and VOILA, the shopkeeper took me to the exact section. lol

One of the things that shocked me the most as an American was that the eggs were left on the shelves unrefrigerated. Apparently,  the United States is one of the few countries in the world that refrigerates our eggs. As soon as an egg is released from a chicken, producers place the eggs in a machine that bathes the egg with soap and hot water. In doing so, the natural protective coating that develops on an egg disappears. This coating prevents oxygen, bacteria and water ou of the egg. As a result, the eggs must be refrigerated to keep microorganisms from infecting the egg. Americans have a huge fear of Salmonella poisoning, which can infect a chicken’s ovaries, which then can contaminate a yolk before the shell firms up around it. Most European countries have chosen to vaccinate the chicken for Salmonella to prevent potential outbreaks, and they also refrain from washing the eggs.

If you all enjoy these videos as much as I enjoyed making then I will continue to make more.

Caveat: The idea of recording my cooking process did not come to me until about midway through the meal. 



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  1. kindredpromise says:

    I always wondered about that because in the islands we don’t refrigerate the eggs.

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