Notre Dame de Paris

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Notre Dame de Paris is widely regarded as the most famous French Cathedral in the world. Its name, Notre Dame, or “Our Lady” in English, is an homage to the Virgin Mary.

It is also well-known for its Gothic Architecture (gargoyle anyone?). The gargoyles actually serve a purpose beyond its decorative feature. They were built as water spouts to protect the building from water damage. It took over 180 years to build this masterpiece, so the architects were keen on implementing protective measures.

Today, the two-thirds of the Cathedral is accessible (for free) to the general public. People travel from around the world to explore the site and attend concerts. I was most interested in seeing the intricate details of the stained glass windows where each pane represents a biblical story.

Join me on my tour below!


I definitely recommend this sight!

Image result for notre dame de paris


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