My top 10 Classic French Songs

         I left France craving more of its culture, history, and music. Posted below are some of my favorite French songs. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions in the comment area below!

  1. La Vie en Rose


2.  Edith Piaf-La Foule


3. Strome- Carmen (Okay so he’s technically a Belgium singer who sings in French, but he remixed a song that was originally composed by French composer George Bizet)


4.  Strome- Ave Cesaria


5. Celine Dion- L’amour existe encore (World-class singer, Celine Dion, is technically French-Canadian, but she sings in French. so she “made the cut!”)


6. Celine Dion- Je sai pas


7. Rupa &The April Fishes-C’est pas d’lamour


8. Indila- Tourner Dans Le Vide

9.  Frere Jacque (cannon) (An eccentric choice, but I liked when my mom sang this to me as a kid lol)


10. French Cafe Music 



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