Hostel Living in Paris

We have finally arrived at the most magical chapter of my European trip-Paris! After a

After a grueling 12-hour train-bus-train, I arrived at my hostel, situated in the middle of stairs.pngMonmartre, a quaint area surrounded by famous Parisian sights, including the Sacre Couer and Moulin Rouge (yes my American friends, it’s an actual place). After navigating the uneven cobblestone with my huge rolling bag, I trudged through the hostel doors and checked-in. “You are on the fourth level,” the receptionist informed me.

Naturally, my response was “do you have an elevator?” Luckily for me, the hostel did have elevator.pngan elevator that was just big enough to fit me (lol).

Literally, I had to enter the elevator sideways in order to fit myself and my luggage. I was just happy the elevator was an option because taking the stairs was definitely not.



This was the second time I had ever stayed in a hostel, and overall I was pleased with my experience. I crashed for most of the week with 3 wonderful girls from Brazil and Australia.

Side note: If you are a young traveler, then you are almost guaranteed to run into an Australian…it’s sort of a ritual for Australians to take extensive trips (if economically feasible of course). I think these girls were a huge part of making this city special because we explored and learned about

I think these girls were a huge part of making this city extra special for me because we explored and learned about Paris, and our own respective cities through each other. It was definitely a “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” moment of my life (lol). More about that later…


The setup of the hostel was the same as in London (excluding the vaginal darkness of the room under a train station), but this time all girls, and a shared bathroom in the room. This hostel had shower and bathroom facilities in the basement as well, but luckily everyone was considerate of the shared space.

The great part about this hostel was that it offered free breakfast to guests. It was the same every day, but still free breakfast nonetheless. When you’re living on a budget, a free Image result for plug inn hostel paris breakfastmeal makes a huge difference in the amount of enjoyment one can have in an expensive city.

In any event, it was a hearty breakfast, that was completely necessary for the amount of walking I did each of the 7 days that I was in Paris. Every now and then, I treat myself to a breakfast of this magnitude just to reminisce on this special time in my life. I would have never imagined that someone from my humble beginnings would be able to have such an experience 🙂

Side Note: If you’re wondering how a croissant taste in France, then visit your local Publix’s bakery.

Overall, I would rate this hostel a 9/10. The price was affordable, space was clean and the breakfast was great!


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