10 things that you’ll need, but don’t think about while traveling

Just when you think you had packed everything, you realize on your trip that you forgot something or wish you had packed something. Since we’re in the last segment of my travels for the year, I have included a list of items that aren’t normally typical “pack lists.”  Btw-I alluded to some of the items listed below here.

1. Hand Sanitizer
An essential item for visiting touristy areas
Image result for small hand sanitizer

2. Water bottle with a filter
When you’re not sure if you can trust the water…
Image result for water bottle with a filter

3. A good book
It’s perfect before bed, in a park, and for all the times you may not have internet access
Image result for mehrsa baradaran book       Image result for a child called it

4. Umbrella
I am so happy , I thought of this when I packed…
Image result for umbrella

5. Spare Socks
After walking around all day you want to make sure you have a pair to wear after your shower
Image result for ankle white socks

6. A selfie stick
When there’s no one to capture a memorable keepsake picture.
Image result for selfie stick

7.  Pepper Spray
Just make sure you leave it in your carry-on if you are flying.
Image result for pepper spray

8. Sunglasses
Wearing these bad-boys are a great way of concealing the fact that that you are unfamiliar with the area
Image result for sunglasses

9.  All in one Vitamin
This is a good way to “cover your bases,” while traveling when you are not sure if you’re receiving essential nutrients from food
Image result for centrum vitamins

10. Snacks
You do not want to experience hunger while traveling. Companies take advantage of this by charging exorbitant prices. Remember to eat healthy!

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