London town

 One of things that I sincerely appreciated about my time in London was that I had all the time in the world to spare.

This is a luxury that many people are not accustomed to because our time literally translates into money. Even when we aren’t making money, we feel that we need to be busy with something. In any event, time was not of the essence during my stay, so I was able to truly enjoy life and the London experience. I did not stress about being lost because I did not have any real obligations at this point.

After revisiting Buckingham and a World War memorial, I stumbled upon a mall, skateboard park and fashion show.

This video doesn’t exist

Speaking of being lost- London is absolutely wonderful for the fact that it offers free wifi throughout the city. They are literally booths located on sidewalks that advertise free internet. Although they aren’t always reliable, I was grateful for the resource especially coming from Germany where they don’t offer free wifi anywhere…not even in public places.

Pictured from left to right: Kevin, Sebastian, me and a random photo bomber lol
I was able to meet up with my friend Kevin, and my hostel mate, Sebastian for dinner and drinks. Kevin was one of my classmates in an International Humanitarian Law course in The Hague. When we first met each other we immediately became great buddies/attorney amigos. Sebastian and one of my other hostel mates helped me with the hostel experience. It was an adjustment leaving with new strangers every day, but it was a great experience nonetheless.

The next morning, I enjoyed a veggie breakfast, some protest and a dragon 😉

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