Restaurant Review: Davinci’s Pizza 9/10 stars

Pure excellence! Once you try this pizza, there is no returning to the chain restaurants. I worked in Midtown Atlanta for a while, and occasionally our firm would order Davinci’s pizza for various celebrations. Occasionally, when I am in the area, I make it a point to indulge in this treat! The establishment is located directly across from the Arts Center Marta station, so it is very accessible.

While the establishment itself isn’t super fancy, it is definitely intriguing. There is artwork on the walls, in the bathroom and on the table, which makes for a unique experience. The establishment also has a screened patio area tvs if you’re into dining outside. The service is also great, and the serves always have smiles on their faces!

As such, DaVinci’s Pizzeria earns a solid 9/10 for my overall experiences

Half bbq and half alfredo chicken pizza: Absolutely delectable!

Vegetable Pizza: Davinci’s Pizza makes vegetables taste savory!


On this occasion, I decided to treat my family to a Pre-Christmas meal, which consisted of pepperoni pizza, chicken and alfredo pizza and a greek salad. My mom for some odd reason wanted orange juice with her meal…




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