London Tube

Mind the Gap!

One of the great things about the Tube is that it is well-connected. You can virtually navigate the train system to get to any part of London in 10 minutes of the time. With the help of some of my hostel mates, who had also experienced great difficulty with the system, it took me about a week to fully comprehend the Tube. The featured picture, is the front of a pamphlet I used throughout my stay to navigate my way throughout the city.

My actual hostel room was located below ground, adjacent to an actual tube route, so I would often hear the trains sail by throughout the night. Between the sounds from the Tube, snoring, sleep talking and a humid room, it’s a wonder that I managed to get a good night’s rest.

Three Tube Tips
Avoid the tube during rush hour–you will be closer to people then you ever wanted to be because the train is packed!

2. Taking the double-decker buses are a cheaper and most of the time quicker offer

3. Get an Oyster Card

Image result for tube map

                                              Five Fun Facts about the London Tube
 The Tube was constructed in 1843

Image result for oxford circus station2. The Tube is extremely deep. The deepest point is at the Hampstead station 192 feet(58.5 1940: People bed down for the night in an air raid shelter on a platform at Piccadilly Circusmetres) below ground

3. Londoners hid in the train tunnels to avoid German airstrikes during WWII

4.London’s forst woman driver began working on October 1978

5.The busiest Tube station is Oxford Circus, used by around 98 million passengers per year.

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