Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland- Time to cross the English Channel

This leg of my trip was one of the best because I spent it with my family and one of my 20160718_143305.jpgfreunds 🙂 While, I was only able to see some parts of Deutschland, every part was extremely beautiful.  From what I saw, it is generally a clean, happy and healthy place. Germany has made a huge effort to change their perception in the eyes of the world from being seen as a cruel group of people as a result of the Holocaust, to a country that has made a complete turn-around. It was an incredible feeling to stand on land, where part of WWII took place, and to visit one of Hitler’s summer residences, which now operates as a banquet hall.

One of the things that I still find baffling is that the people here generally follow the rules. It’s amazing! What’s the secret?

Overall, during the time I spent in Germany, it made me realize how proud I am to be an American. I had national pride before I flew abroad, but actually being abroad made me realize how great our country really is. Now, there are still things that we can improve on, but our country is still young compared to most other states.

 All in all, I had a wonderful time  in Germany, and if an opportunity presents itself, then I definitely see myself coming back to this land. I’ll have to bring my own water, though, because it is very harsh in Germany. You’ll have to experience it to understand.

      When I arrived in London my aunt  sent me a news story about an Afghani immigrant who attacked people with an axe on a train ride from Ansbach to Wurzberg. I had taken this exact train route twice the day before this attack, so it was frightening to think that I narrowly escaped.

Tschus Deutschland! Hello London…

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