Restaurant Review: Hanz und Franz 6/10 stars

Bratwurst and Sauerkraut (Megan’s dish): Wurst means sausage, which is one of the main food staples of German culture. Megan liked it!

Frankfurter Wurstchen and Sauerkraut (Mine): Frankfurt is home of the Frankfurter, the famous sausage. A frankfurter is a thin, boiled sausage of pure pork in a special casing. There was really nothing special about it beyond its appearance. Sauerkraut was also average. I’ve actually heard Germans describe their food as pretty plain, which is why other types of cultural restaurants thrive in this country.

Apfel Schoble (Soda): I briefly discussed the German’s affinity for apple flavor products in my “Apfel Chips” post. During my stay, I discovered that their apple flavored products have been consistently flavorful!

   Overall, this restaurant establishment is a 6/10 only I had a great new experience and great company 😉

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