Frank in Frankfurt, Germany

        Traveling turns you into a storyteller. I had the chance to create one with my Georgia Law buddy, Megan, who was also in Germany at the moment! We were only in town for a few hours, but we experienced at least a week’s worth of memories from a pride parade, wedding, and food! Megan and I took a wrong turn back to the train station and we ended up walking down a  “prostitution street,” which is legal in Germany… Get ready for part 1 of our adventures in this city.

I was off to Frankfurt, which meant that I had to take another train journey–this time it was a little over 3 hours both ways. At one point, I rode on a fancy train. It was relatively empty and spacious and the windows were huge. I literally sat back, listened to Adele’s “A million years ago,” and watched the German landscapes speed by me. However, that only lasted about 30 minutes because I discovered that the train wasn’t fancy, I was just in 1st class. The train representative politely informed me that I would have to move to 2nd-class (yay). In order to avoid this type of embarrassment again, I asked him how would I be able to tell the difference in the future (aka my return trip), but he did not speak much English.

I trudged through at least 3 different train cars before I made it to a very hot and crowded second class compartment. Luckily, I only had 30 more minutes on this train before I had to catch my next transfer. Later that day, Megan informed me that the class demarcations are outside of the train car.

Here are some of the first things we saw leaving the train station after we met up.


After-lunch treat

This video doesn’t exist

We ran into a Pride protest parade. We danced to the music and had a great time reading the messages. Some of which include “Refugees Welcome,” “I hate work,” and “No Sex with Nazis!” See for yourself:


This was only part 1…

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