Rothenburg, Germany: Part 1

Picturesque Cobblestone streets, Bavarian architecture, and flower-20160714_121144filled window boxes comprise the medieval town of Rothenburg. Once, this town welcomed foreign dignitaries, but now it welcomes international visitors!  Rothenburg is rooted in tradition, and its local economy is sustained by the tourism industry as a result. The Tauber Valley vineyards that surround this town also contribute to its allure. One of the most interesting facts about this city centers around the fact that as many times as it has been destroyed either by invasions, WWII bombs and earthquakes, this city has always managed to recuperate. It has the spirit of a phoenix in that sense. This is also “where history comes to life.” There is a host of museums that allow one to explore the origin of Christmas traditions, Medieval practices and more.


On this leg of my trip, I was able to visit with some of my family 20160714_122145members, which proved to be an absolute blast! One of the first shops we visited was a Cuckoo clock shop. While the origin of the Cuckoo clock is unclear, the clock was popularized in the Black Forest in southwestern Germany. It was fascinating to see the minor details and what looked like hours of effort that went into creating these masterpieces. It was also fascinating to see how much these cuckoo clocks sell for on the market ranging from $200 to over $1,000, this is not including the 19% German tax. Side note: No wonder Germany is able to offer its citizens a range of social welfare benefits, including free healthcare.

As this is a touristy town, there were of course, a ton of souvenir shops.

Hopefully, the next time I return to Germany I will be able to attend a major festival in a Dirndl, German traditional garb for women.


That’s all for part one folks!

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