Restaurant Review: McDonalds in Germany


20160713_135140 (2).jpgI was hesitant about listing this dining experience under my Restaurant review category, however, I had such a great dining experience that I could not resist. After watching a few documentaries on McDonalds a few years ago, I had decided not to eat from here ever again. However, my aunt was really excited about showing me how  the McDonalds company operates in Germany…with good reason.

Look at this burger for instance–It looked just like the picture on the menu, and it was so fresh! The cheese, tomato, patty and even the bread tasted like ingredients that had just come from a garden or quality grocery store. I was thoroughly impressed. I chose to try a BBQ and bacon burger, and it was the best fast food burger that I have ever tasted.


The interior was also comparable to a top dining establishment. There were two separate counters, one for the McCafe portion, and the other for regular food. The McCafe served cheesecake, muffins, donuts, cookies, and of course, kaffee (coffee).


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