Serenity Celler Review 8/10 stars


From my first glance, I thought I was back in France, but then I quickly realized there was more of a Tuscan feel to this boutique winery. It seemed a bit out of place because it is set in a city that 20160903_153809was intended to resemble Germany.

I walked past the tiled patio area, where a live band was playing some country music, then I opened the thick wooden door. I had high hopes for my first wine tasting.

My expectations continued to be exceeded once I set foot inside. It was a bit snug, but the fireplace sitting catacorner added a cozy touch.


Once I made my way to the bar, the bartender explained that patrons have the option of tasting 7 different types of wine grown on the property for $12. What a deal! As I am not a wine connoisseur, I asked the bartender to pick more of the sweet and spicy wines for the tasting.

20160903_152544My absolute favorite wine was “Dolce Bello.” Serenity Cellars describes this top-seller as a wine that “awakens the senses with dark chocolate and dark fruit aromatics. As you taste this dessert wine, an explosion of blackberry, blueberry and rich chocolate stimulates the palate. Great with bleu cheese, cheese cake with fresh berry compote or your favorite chocolate dessert.” It was so delicious that I purchased a bottle for my mother. Her birthday was the following day after I had visited, and I knew this was something she would enjoy!


Another set of exceptional wines were the “Bearly Sweet” wines. The business owner20160903_151305
decided  on this name because his children were always arguing with each other during their adolescence.

The Rose (light pink) was the sweetest, but it was the Georgia Red Table wine that was the most distinct out of the three options. It tasted like Jelly! To emphasize the taste, the winery served peanut butter puffs imported from Jerusalem with the drink. See the video below for more details.



Overall, it was an unforgettable experience, that I would encourage all of my Georgian viewers to take advantage.

Danke Serenity Cellars!




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