Germany…I mean Hellen, Georgia

Don’t worry, we’ll actually get to actual Germany in the next couple of days…

I hope you all enjoyed my recipe for Apfel chips, now it’s time to officially kick-off the Germany leg of my trip, by showing you all that you do not have to go very far in order to have a ‘German experience.’ It is pretty typical to find a German enclave or touristy type city in each state, and it is one of the best ways to experience the country without having to travel very far. In Georgia, the city of Helen is the go-to city for a piece of Germany. I think the city’s slogan captures the essence of its allure: “It’s the charm of Bavaria in the Blue Ridge Mountains.”

I stayed in Bavaria during my time in Germany so visiting Helen provided a pleasant reminder of that time. This city was formerly a thriving logging town, but when that industry began to decline, the residents decided to revive the local economy by modeling it after a German town. Tourism is now its main industry!

Some of the activities that this city offers include: nature walks, gold mining, wine tastings, Oktoberfest, tubing, archery courses, and a host of other types of recreational fun. I decided to go tubing during a friend’s birthday celebration on Labor day, and I had an incredible time. Tips: Bring a stick to control your direction in the water.

On the river…

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