First Debate: Clinton v. Trump

This November vote as if America’s future depended on it because the simple truth is…it does.

Important for US viewers: The last day to register to vote online, in person or via mail  is October 11th. 

Intro: The thing about the Presidential debate tonight is that while both candidates must work to change their current portrayal in the media, the standard is unequal. Trump has a lower standard to meet in that he just has to appear to be “decent” and show competency in political matters in order for some people to be persuaded that he is actually a viable and stable candidate. However, some would question whether a person can change after demonstrating certain “deplorable” traits over an extended period of time. By the same token, H.Clinton must work to defeat critiques that she has always been plagued with as female politician — too stern, too emotional, not feminine enough etc. In addition to that, she arguably has a higher standard to meet because of her political experience. In any event, the world will be watching. If you want my more of my candid yet neutral critique on the debate, please proceed below. 

Did the candidates rise above the judgments?

Topic Hillary Clinton

 (Democratic Candidate)

Donald Trump

 (Republican Candidate)

Economy “Build an economy for everyone. “No” to “Trumped up Trickle Down” economics “Reduce taxes tremendously from 35% to 15% for companies small and big businesses. It going to be a beautiful thing to watch.”
Competency Experience and “preparation” is on Clinton’s side for this one Trump is an advocate of “Stop and Frisk.” He was not aware that Stop and Frisk had been overturned. With racial tensions so high right now, this is something that a Presidential candidate is expected to know
Deleted E-mails v. Tax Records Clinton accepted responsibility for using a private email and admitted that it was a mistake that she would not repeat


She made an allegation that Trump’s tax return would show that he has paid nothing in Federal Taxes, among other things

Trump tried to impose a tic-for-tac debate strategy i.e. “When Hillary releases her 30,000 emails, I will release my tax records.” However, he also went on to say that his attorney advised him not to release it.
Temperament As an experienced politician, there was no surprise here that Clinton remained cool, calm and collected. Perhaps too much, though because she allowed Trump to interrupt her on multiple occasions According to Trump, temperament is “my strongest asset, maybe by far.”


At one point he even restrained himself from saying “something extremely rough” to Mrs. Clinton and her family. He later alluded to what this comment would have been when he stated in an interview that “He was glad he held back on Bill Clinton’s indiscretions”


While his debate performance improved this go-around, he still allowed himself to get riled by certain jabs.

Funniest Comment “Woo” (on Trump’s claim that his temperament was superior to Clintons) Trump stated that he did not think “anybody knows” if Russia was behind the recent hacks of Democratic organizations, he went on to say that it might instead be China or a single hacker who “weighs 400 pounds” and sits at home.


“Fact Check this” Hillary announced towards the beginning of the debate that her website homepage would operate as a fact-checker during the debate Mr. Trump said that he opposed the Iraq war, calling it “a mainstream media nonsense” to say that he did not oppose it. Lester Holt, the moderator, finally said something (I almost forgot he was there tbh) said, “The record shows otherwise.”
“Stamina” Clinton listed parts of her resume in response, including travelling to over 112 countries to negotiate peace deals and other treaties.


She also counterattacked by saying “He tried to change from looks to stamina, but this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs,”

Mr. Trump announced “she (Hillary) doesn’t have the stamina.”


Who won?

Clinton. She effectively communicated her strategy with details. She also demonstrated competency in political affairs.

While, Trump improved tremendously from his performance during the Republican debates, his proposals on most issues were broad. He used words such as “tremendous,” “beautiful,” and “bad” to describe his strategies. It also sounded like he admitted to not paying Federal taxes…


Questions I still had after the debate:

  1. Did Clinton decide against using her step stool?
  2. Why did Trump’s attorney advise him not to release his tax records?
  3. How was Lester Holt selected to be the moderator?

Want more? Don’t have an hour and a half to spare? Catch this 30 min highlight video!


Here’s a game circling around on social media for the next debate (This is not an endorsement):


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