Sneak Peek of Germany

4 train transfers and 8 hours later, I had arrived in Bavaria, Germany. It was such a relief to spend some time reconnecting with my family, while simultaneously exploring all that this region had to offer. Aside from all of the school work I had to complete during this chapter of my trip, it was very relaxing.

During my week-long stay, I managed to visit one of my law school classmates, Megan, in Frankfurt, Germany. Apparently, that city is known for its tall skyscrapers which is pretty uncommon in Germany. To an American, however…well you can figure out the rest of this sentence. It was interesting watching people take pictures in front of the buildings, and it was also interesting to read the placards that denoted the height of the building. Megan and I took a wrong turn back to the train station and we ended up walking down a “sex street.” Prostitution is legal in Germany… yea, I’ll discuss this more in depth in future posts. We also happened to run into a gay pride parade, a major wedding, and a host of other activities that I will write about.

For now, stay tuned and feel free to subscribe to my blog for instant email notifications concerning new blog posts. The other option is to wait until the end of September for my “Germany leg is complete” post on Facebook 🙂

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