I Set fire to the…No this is not the Adele song

“Leave it to the American to start a fire on her first day.” This was the one-liner I used to save face when I decided to stick a croissant in the toaster oven.

From the time that I arrived at the hotel to 6am  (local time), I COULD NOT SLEEP. I even had an eventful first day between commuting and exploring the local area, and still my circadian rhythm was like “What do you think you’re doing?” lol

When 6am rolled around, I gave up trying to get a good night’s rest and instead went downstairs to eat hoping that I would be sleepy afterward. It was early on a Saturday morning so I went downstairs in my conservative PJs and a sweater. The assortment of bread, meat, cheese, fruit, yogurt and cereal was amazing. ‘I could get used to this’ I thought to myself. I placed two croissants on my plate and then I placed it in the toaster oven– Bad move.

I’m going to resort back to the “American” point that I’ve made a few times by this point. We’re used to warming and toasting bread, which probably explains my behavior. In any event, I started a fire in the oven, and I caused the two staff members to run around like chickens without heads. ‘Great’ I thought to myself. This is not the way I want to begin my first 24 hours in the hotel. I cushioned the blow with my one-liner, which caused the male to chuckle (he was probably thinking the same thing), but the female cook did not look amused. Luckily, I was the only hotel guest downstairs at that time so my embarrassment level wasn’t such that it would cause me to eat in my room. I was also grateful that the fire was small. “You caught it at the right time. Last month we had to evacuate the hotel,” the male representative told me. Thank God I did not cause that much of a catastrophe.

My plan on enjoying a nice European breakfast and perusing the tourist attractions in a local paper was almost thwarted. Sidenote: As I was partially on vacation I should have just enjoyed my meal instead of working at the same time. This is something that a European brought to my attention.

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