The most American activity

Before my I left for Europe, I had been clerking for a Judge for my summer internship. It was an exquisite experience, and I am grateful to have met everyone in our office!

A few days before my flight, my sister decided to treat my family and myself to some great seats and delicious meals at a Braves Game. This was only the second game I had ever attended, and I am happy to say that it was just as fun as my first one. Between spending time with my family and celebrating the U.S. by singing the national anthem, it was the perfect way to prepare for a new beginning–travelling abroad.

National pride is something that is ingrained in Americans from the time we enter grade school. However, it’s not until you travel outside of the U.S. that you realize how important your nation is to you because you are most likely not confronted with  situations that would necessarily invoke this feeling. As you read my blog, this is something that I will touch on periodically. I will also include things that the U.S does great and other issues that we could improve.

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